Thomas “Tom” Auringer, owner of 850 Route 28, LLC, is a native of Ulster County, having grown up in Ulster County.  As a young man, like many of his generation, Tom left the area for NYC to pursue opportunities.

Having never forgotten his roots or family, many of whom still live in the area, he returned to Ulster to invest and create jobs and business opportunities for the next generation of Ulster citizens, and to enjoy its many beautiful assets. Tom recently restored an old house and made a home in Woodstock; located some of his business operations in the Town of Ulster; and recently purchased an un-remediated mining industrial site in the Town of Kingston, 850 Route 28.

As a native of Ulster, Tom Auringer has a deep appreciation of the area’s natural splendor. As a life-long avid outdoorsman, he strongly supports the protection of the environment, including the Catskills Forest Preserve.  Protecting the environment does not mean stopping smart development, as long as they are respectful of the communities they operate, and responsive to the needs of protecting natural assets.

In addition to maintaining and protecting our natural heritage, Tom Auringer understands that to maintain a healthy local economy, it needs a diversity of business types and well-paying jobs. Having a diverse economic base insulates the local economy from wild swings in any one industry. In addition, strong local employment ensures that residents of Ulster do not have to leave in order to find work, as Tom did over 35 years ago.