Creating Sustainable, Local Use Infrastructure


The Proposed 850 Route 28 Project will create pre-cast concrete infrastructure needed for road and bridge construction, and repair projects in Ulster County, Hudson Valley, and throughout New York State. The materials used to create these infrastructure components will include rock, pre-cast concrete, water, and steel rods/planks [brought in, not manufactured on site]. No chemical ingredients will be used in the production process.

The proposed buildings for the project will be situated within a formerly abandoned open rock quarry, currently unsuitable for most uses (see images). The existing forest cover and surrounding hills will conceal the site from view on Route 28 and adjacent properties.

Planned Site Building on 21 Acres of Land (of 110 total acres) by 850 Route 28, LLC

Development of the site will take approximately 1.5 to 3 years in total. Heavy construction will only be scheduled during normal business hours, M-F. This will include excavation to create level pads for both planned buildings. To enhance safety along Route 28, a left-turn lane will be installed and new signage will warn of cross traffic.

Current Site of 850 Route 28
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Numerous studies have already been conducted to assess any development impacts. Studies include: complete Full Detailed Environmental Assessment Form, in accordance with NYSEQR requirements; Traffic Impact Study; Habitat Suitability & Threatened & Endangered Species Assessment; Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan; Visual Impact Assessment; Sound Study with Noise Impact Analysis; Archeological & Historical Assessment; and Hydrological Well Water Study. These studies have been shared with the appropriate state and local authorities. Plans for the project have been modified when requested by authorities and public feedback, ensuring full, and in some cases enhanced, compliance with Federal, State and local laws, regulations and community concerns.